To get our animals processed safely and humanely, BN RANCH works with carefully selected professionals who BN RANCH’s partners have known for decades.   At each stage, BN RANCH’s own personnel are also present to ensure careful handling of live animals and food safety.

Rancho Feeding Corp. – Cattle slaughter
Petaluma, CA

Golden Gate Meat Company – Meat processing; shipping & distribution
Santa Rosa, CA

Grimaud Farms – Turkey slaughter, processing, and distribution
Stockton, CA

Dreisbach Enterprises – Cold storage and distribution
Richmond, CA

Dave Bradley & Jeff Blackford – Cattle transport
Calpine and Marysville, CA

Rocker Brothers Meat  Processing and distribution
Inglewood, CA

Spar Sausage Co. Hot dog maker
San Leandro, CA


Butchers at Golden Gate