Our beef is truly unlike any other beef in the marketplace today. Several things make it unique.

First, unlike the vast majority of beef in the United States today, all of our cattle spend their lives entirely on grass.  They are never kept in confinement buildings, drylots or feedlots.  They are never given hormones or other growth promotants.  They are never fed antibiotics or other drugs.  And they are never fed grain, soy, meat or fish by-products or any other manufactured feeds.  In short, our cattle spend their entire lives freely ranging and the only things they will ever eat are:  their mother’s milk, grass and other vegetation they encounter in grazing, and a small amount of hay.  That’s all.

Second, our cattle are always slaughtered when they are naturally in peak condition.  Animal feedlots were created to cheapen meat and to make supply uniform on a year-round basis.  But as the world comes to grips with its limited resources, the feeding of grain to grazing animals must be re-examined.  Moreover, grain-finished beef can be bland or greasy.  On the other hand, cattle raised on grass are only at their best for part of the year.  Just as elk and venison have a peak moment, so do beef cattle that are entirely grass raised and fattened. In our view, the very best grassfed beef is a seasonal offering like flavorful ripe tomatoes, juicy peaches, and Beaujolais Nouveau.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, our cattle are mature.  In early 20th century America, steers averaged 5 years of age when taken to the slaughterhouse.  Over the course of the past hundred years, this has been dramatically shortened to reduce production costs.  Today, most beef cattle are killed at 12 to 14 months of age while most grassfed operations slaughter their animals around 18 months.  In our view, allowing cattle to grow to full maturity (over 26 months) is important to get the most meat from every animal and essential to producing excellent eating quality beef.

So, for a few months of every year, BN RANCH offers fresh, totally grass grown and finished beef that is unlike any other beef you can buy. We believe you will find the eating quality of our beef unmatched.

Cattle at Hat Creek

Exceptional quality.

  • Completely grassfed.
  • Always raised on pastures and rangelands.
  • Harvested only in season, in peak condition.
  • From mature animals.
  • Delicious.
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